Human Rights – Universal and Inalienable

Every person, no matter their nationality, sex, ethnicity, religion, status or characteristics, has certain inherent rights and freedoms. We are all born with these rights simply because we are human. They apply everywhere, and include:Hands, young and old have human rights

  1. Freedom;
  2. Equality;
  3. Non-discrimination;
  4. Civil rights;
  5. Political rights.

Protected by Law

Human rights derive from moral principles or norms. To remove such rights is not possible, other than via due process. No law need exist to create them. However, many laws do in fact exist in order to adequately protect those rights.

In Canada, the federal, provincial and territorial governments have a duty to promote and protect our fundamental rights and freedoms. Therefore, a number of domestic laws guarantee those rights to everyone in Canada.


While, human rights are legally protected, many Canadians routinely have their rights infringed. Violators can be individuals, corporations or the government. As a result, Pappin Law, works to stop violations happening and to set things right when they do.

In addition to enforcing all varieties of legal rights, Pappin Law works to compensate those whose rights have been breached. Contact Pappin Law to discuss how we can help.